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Improved Uno Colorline Trocars


We have optimized our single-use one-step titanium flat-head trocars, which now have a new design for better retention of the sealing cap. Internal tests have shown an improved sealing cap fit of 142% compared to our previous trocar design. 

Further tests revealed that Geuder trocar systems can absolutely compete with other manufacturers in terms of trocar lancet penetration force and infusion sleeve flow rate. The tightness of the sealing cap of our trocar showed a clear advantage compared to a certain competitor, where about ten times more liquid escaped through the sealing cap. A well-known vitreoretinal surgeon and one of our main KOLs, Prof. Hattenbach (Ludwigshafen, Germany) is a big fan of our new trocars. 

All features at a glance:

  • Easy incision thanks to new geometry of the blade
  • Maximum tightness of the sealing cap (valves) 
  • Compatible with silicone tip instruments
  • Special surface for tight fit within the sclera
  • Trocar handle with marker at 3 and 4 mm 
  • High mobility of bulbus thanks to flat-head design
  • Minimized risk of port loss 
  • Self-sealing scleroderma

Our new trocars are available in 23 G and 25 G and will soon be available in 27 G.