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SOLEA – First RGB LED Light Source


SOLEA® enables free color composition and visualization of fine structures in the posterior segment. It is the first and only ophthalmic LED light source with a red, green and blue LED per output which, in combination, are rendering any of the 16.7 million colors of the RGB color space. Other LED light sources of competitors are limited to one or two LEDs rendering only a small fraction of the full color space 

SOLEA’s flexible color modulation enables surgeons to visualize even small vitreous remnants after vitrectomy. Contrast enhancement through specific color selection facilitates not only complete removal of the vitreous body but also detection of tiny vascularizations which are hard to find under “normal” white light. The RGB technology is also capable of improving the 3-dimensional spacial impression

Modern narrow-band RGB LEDs prevent harmful radiation in the UV or IR range without extra filters. In retinal protection mode the SOLEA can even minimize phototoxic effects to a minimum by completely deactivating the blue LED which has the highest phototoxic potential. The remaining light can then be composed of the red and green LED, still offering enough light because each output provides up to 45 lm of luminous flux. The long durability of the LEDs up to 60.000 hours make SOLEA also the top choice in terms of sustainability and efficiency.