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AMON Micro Grasping Forceps Needle


The Micro Forceps Needle is a true innovation which demonstrates Geuder’s abilty to manufacture precision instruments in small scales. The Forceps Needle, which was invented by Prof. Amon (Austria) and Geuder, is the only one of its kind. It is intended to create intraocular access (anterior+posterior chamber and vitreous cavity) like a needle or cannula and grasp tissue, suture materials or IOL haptics like a forceps in one single maneuver.

The instrument was inspired by the Yamane technique for intrascleral IOL fixation of 3-piece IOLs. Yamane uses thin-walled conventional needles to externalize the haptics, but haptics may glide out of the needle easily. With the AMON Forceps Needle haptics can be grasped and externalized safely. Besides 3-piece IOL fixation it offers a broad range of applications:

  • Scleral fixation of multiple IOL designs e.g. Canabrava technique, Scharioth technique, Gore-Tex glued IOL
  • Fixation of capsular tension rings
  • Fixation of capsular segments
  • Iris fixation of IOLs
  • Gore-Tex and Prolene sutures

Features of the AMON Forceps Needle:

  • Its beveled needle-shaped tip has excellent piercing properties for sclerotomies and scleral tunnels. 
  • Its micro-grasping forceps facilitate insertion of IOL haptics and suture materials into the cannula/needle. 
  • Its high grasping force prevents unexpected disengaging of IOL haptics or suture materials, which could potentially fall back into the anterior chamber.

Watch the AMON Forceps Needle in action:

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