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Service & Support

Geuder spells service with a capital s. Value sustaining repairs, services and local support.


The maxim of precision and perfection at Geuder is also present in our after-sales service. Professional and fast in-house service is a key factor in our international success. With more than 40 highly qualified and experienced microsurgery engineers, we offer a perfect maintenance and repair service for instruments and devices, including accessories. A dedicated sales force in Germany and an international distributor network guarantees for the required proximity to our customers, providing perfect after-sales service and expert advice.

Repair instead of buying new: take advantage of our repair service

We offer a worldwide repair service: An expert team of surgical technicians, logistics experts, office employees, application specialist and specialists provide absolute precision work so that your instruments or equipment is returned to you "like new".


Whether Geuder products or other brands: we extend the life of your equipment

We not only repair instruments and instrument trays from our own production, but also from other brands – in accordance with Geuder standards. In case we need to repair one of our own devices or upon request we can provide a replacement device. We also carry out regular safety checks for our devices in the field. 

When required, send us your instruments or devices and we will extend the life of your tools by many more years. Alternatively, you can pass your equipment to our field staff. If you are based outside Germany please contact a distributor in your area, who will forward your equipment to our repair service.