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Surgical suture material for ophthalmology

ONATEC® - Premium surgical suture materials

Ambitious users demand for surgical suture materials with ideal handling and the least possible tissue traumatization. Therefore, BSF and FSSB (whos ophthamic surgical suture materials we exclusively distribute) have compiled a line of needles especially for skin closure and micro sutures that optimally meets these requirements:

  • Special steel exclusively made for ONATEC® micro needles: particulary resistant to bending and breakage
  • Precision during all manufacturing steps: optimal needle geometries, precise design and highest accuracy of needle honing
  • Exclusive surface finishing: minimal tissue traumatization through optimal penetration 
  • High quality: checking every single needle
Onatec-Brochure "Item Overview"(German)
ONATEC® Needle Code


Bimanual Intraocular Micro Suture

Innovative material and new suturing technique for IOL fixation

  • Re-fixation of dislocated IOLs without changing the lens
  • Smooth and easy transscleral fixation
  • Knot placement and fixation within the anterior chamber

for iris trauma or defect

  • Easy suture handling with two paracenteses
  • Small needle size enables spatially flexible, atraumatic suturing
  • Knot placement within the anterior chamber

ONALENE® suturing material and Geuder 25G Hattenbach hybrid instruments

Onatec-flyer "Hattenbach" (German)

All-In-One Solution for Non-Filtrating Glaucoma Surgery

Advantages of ONALENE® suture probe canaloplasty by Kodomskoi

  • Safe and permanent widening of the Schlemm's canal
  • Tissue-protecting due to atraumatically designed tip
  • Spiral structure enables intraoperative assessment of function and condition of the venous collectors
  • Easy and solid fixation of the implant

ONALENE® suturing material for the Schlemm’s canal

Onatec-flyer "Glaucoma"(German)

ONATEC®, ONASORB®, ONALON®, ONALENE®, ONAPREN®, ONABOND®, ONAFIL® are registered trademarks of BSF GmbH / FSSB Chirurgische Nadeln GmbH