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High-Quality Aluminium Containers

Investment in Efficiency

  • No running expenses for single-use filters by means of new filter technology
  • Longevity due to chemically highly resistant materials
  • Optimal rate of utilization of cleaning and disinfection device and sterilizer through functional design
  • Reduced loading and unloading times, because complete reprocessing is possible in the tray

Optimal Instrument Protection

  • Optimal fixation of sensible instruments thanks to retainer strips made of silicone 
  • Best damage protection in robust instrument trays 

Easy Handling

  • Effortless removal and visual examination of the sterile barriere - no filter exchange necessary
  • Trouble-free cleaning due to optimal microstructure of the surface

Process Security

  • Security in the reprocessing cycle aided by color indicators and one-way seals
  • Simplified logistics with colored logistics framelets and label displays for record labels on top surface and front sides

Product information for download

Brochure Sterilization Containers