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Lenswista Bandage Lens


High Oxygen Permeability for optimum Wound Healing

First Contact Lenses Made from Pure Silicone

Thanks to the Lenswista technology, it is now possible for the first time to manufacture contact lenses from pure silicone. Its oxygen permeability achieves an almost natural oxygen supply at a DK value of 938 Barrer (mmHg), providing an ideal environment for your eyes

Innovative Surface Technology

The surface treatment procedure, developed and utilized for the first time by Lenswista, enables hydrophilization of the intrinsically hydrophobic silicone surface.

  • Manufactured from pure, biocompatible material
  • Highest oxygen permeability
  • Smooth transition from the modified surface to the lens 

Optimal Wound Healing Conditions

  • Excellent shape stability with high elasticity
  • Optimum exchange of lacrimal fluid between the eye and the contact lens 
  • No contamination within the lens due to proteins, mucins, lipids or cellular metabolism
  • Reliably protects newly formed ephithelium
  • No risk of infection from deposits in the lens 

Various Applications for the Bandage Lenses

  • Surface injuries and deep corneal injuries 
  • Wound healing complications
  • Epithelial tears
  • PTK (phototherapeutic keratectomy)
  • Post-surgery (for central lens placement)
  • Sj√∂gren's syndrom

Persuasive Features for Patients

  • Significant pain relief after using the contact lens
  • Fast wound healing through high oxygen permeability
  • High tolerability at very first use: no sensation of a foreign body on the eye for people who do not wear contact lenses
  • The bandage lens is easy to insert and remove
  • Maximum comfort during the entire period of wear
  • Does not impair vision
  • Very good water binding properties: no drying out, no loss of elasticity
  • Low modulus: soft, for sensitive eyes and eyelids
  • Aspherical inner surface: good fit characteristics, less pressure on the cornea

Product information to download

Brochure Lenswista Bandage Lens