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UNO Colorline

Trocar System by Hattenbach / Nikolic


With the new Uno Colorline Trocar System developed in accordance with Hattenbach/Nikolic special care was given to the new blade geometry, which through its precision affords a high degree of independence from the cutting technique.

The Trocar System impresses with maximum tightness, which now also enables installation into previously vitrectomised eyes.

  • Innovative lance geometry for light incisions
  • Valves with maximum tightness
  • Passable for silicone instruments
  • Roughened surface achieves a firm fit in the sclera
  • Trocar grip with a marking function at 3 and 4 mm
  • The "flat head" design enables maximum mobility of the bulbus
  • Minimised risk of intra-operative port loss
  • Self-sealing sclerotomy

Product information for download

Trocar System Hattenbach flyer