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UNO Colorline

Reusable accessories

The ideal complement for UNO Colorline Instruments

  • Reusable instruments of the highest Geuder quality

"Shark" bulbus retaining ring developed according to Hattenbach: 

For safe fixation of the bulbus and perfect guidance of the sclera cut


"Triangle" scleral depressor developed according to Hattenbach: 

For gentle buckling and secure holding without the risk of rupturing the sclera


"Horse Shoe" Instrument developed according to Hattenbach: 

For quick removal of all trocar systems


Bonn model suturing aid: 

For easy suture without opening the conjunctiva


Bartz-Schmidt trocar closure forceps: 

Multifunctional forceps for trocar closure (liquid-air exchange, for bulbus rotation and trocar removal)