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UNO Colorline

Single-use instruments for vitreoretinal surgery: geuder precision in 20, 23 and 25 gauge.

Geuder precision - clear colour coding for 20, 23 and 25 gauge

  • Precise and dimensionally accurate
  • Extremely tactile and perfectly balanced
  • Excellent surface characteristics
  • Ergonomic soft grip design

Trocar system

Optimised for best self-sealing incisions
Designed by Hattenbach and Nikolic

  • One-step or two-step
  • Including 3 ports and infusion tubing
  • Sterile
  • Low trocar head: Easily manoeuvrable port can slide under the orbit
  • Membrane lock port: Membraned port enables the use of soft tip instruments and prevents IOP peaks
  • Anti-slide port: Secure seating in the sclera and no "slipping out" of the port during surgery due to the threaded shaft design
  • Bioflex tubes: Ductile port tubes support excellent wound closure and are gentle on the tissue
  • Reinforced infusion holder: Attached mount enables oil to be injected at up to 6 bar

Fibre optics

For a safe and efficient illumination

  • Various different geometries
  • Spot
  • Wide angle
  • Wide angle, shielded
  • Sterile
  • Individual choice: Various different fibre optic geometries for all surgical procedures - from focused spot to a bright and diffuse wide angle
  • Perfect illumination: Bright and uniform light coverage
  • Complete flexibility: Compatible with xenoTRON® III with unique PHOTOTOXGUARD
  • Excellent ergonomics: Soft grip handle rests perfectly in the hand

Trocar Chandelier Set

For bright and diffuse illumination

  • 25G trocar
  • 25G flat-head port designed by Hattenbach
  • Chandelier fiber optic
  • Sterile
  • Time saving: Easy access – no time consuming searching thanks to the one-step chandelier system
  • Bi-manual surgery: The flat-head trocar releases a third standard trocar for a second instrument
  • Patient safety: Provided with a fixed stop to prevent the light conductor from unintentionally slipping down
  • Manoeuvrable bulbus: The flat trocar design enables generous mobility of the bulbus
  • Self-sealing incision: 25G design for the best post-operative tightness and no "inflation" of the conjunctiva caused by escaping tamponades


For perfect vitreous base shaving

  • Pneumatic
  • 20 PSI
  • Sterile
  • Enhanced cutter opening: Safe, traction-free surgery close to the retina
  • Best cutting results: Clean cuts up to 2,500 cpm
  • Full flexibility: Compatible with all Geuder devices


For highly sensitive and tactile feedback

  • Single-use instruments in Geuder quality
  • Two component system
  • Sterile tips and reusable handle
  • End gripping design: Precise, firm grip for perfect peeling
  • Hattenbach wave designs: Hybrid forceps combine end gripping and crocodile designs into perfect combination-forceps
  • Crocodile design: Secure, firm grip for removing larger tissue structures
  • Tano Design: Short tips for excellent visibility along the instrument tip


For precise, clean cutting

  • Single-use instruments in Geuder quality
  • Two component system
  • Sterile tips and reusable handle
  • Highest quality: Efficient cutting – the shear blades cut across their entire length
  • Highest precision: Clean cutting – the shear blades are arranged perfectly parallel
  • Maximum stability: Firm cutting - the shear blades are guided by the slotted tubular shaft

Endo probes

For high-quality laser transmission

  • Various different geometries
  • Straight
  • Curved
  • With Geuder or Iridex® plug
  • Sterile
  • Perfect coagulation: High-quality laser probe for laser transmission without loss
  • Best connectivity: Compatible with a variety of laser probes
  • Complete flexibility: Curved laser probes suitable for trocar-assisted PPV

Product information for download

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