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Precise axial marking for toric premium IOL - flexible, precise, simple


In the implantation of toric IOLs, the exact match between the astigmatic axis and the IOL torus is crucial for the refractive performance and consequently patient satisfaction.

The TOMARK axial marker allows the direct marking of the final torus position. To eliminate errors caused by cyclorotation, marking is performed with the patient in a sitting position.

The high precision of the marking creates the conditions for optimum visual acuity prognosis. Using TOMARK cornea marking is rendered simple, quick and safe, even in the hands of assisting personnel.


The adjustable cornea marker is flexible and can be used on the slit lamp or as a movable tool with the hand-held pendulum instrument.



When marking the axis with the patient in a lying position cyclorotation is linked to an error of up to 11°. TOMARK enables precise marking with the patient in the seated position, eliminating the cause of this error.

A 15° deviation from the calculated axis can result in a loss of up to 50% of the correction of astigmatism. Besides enabling the direct adjustment of the angle to an accuracy of 5°, TOMARK also enables the precise marking of the calculated cylinder axis.



TOMARK will take enough dye by briefly pressing it onto the ink-pad. In many cases an eye speculum is not necessary which enhances patient comfort. 

At the slit lamp the cornea marker is simply plugged into the tonometer fixation device and adjusted to the horizontal axis of the tonometer fixation device.

After plugging the cornea marker to the hand-held pendulum the horizontal line can be adjusted here as well.

The view through the cornea marker simplifies centering the marking on the cornea. TOMARK will leave a very distinguishable marking after only 5 seconds contact with the cornea.


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