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Intraocular iris suture

Hattenbach 25 g iris suture instrument set


Perfect for an iris suture within the anterior chamber

  • Simple and precise manipulation of the iris in the anterior chamber with maximum stability
  • Makes possible complete suture attachment within the anterior chamber
  • Provides maximum tissue protection by using pipe-guided instruments
  • Ideal combination of the hybrid instrument sets with the "smallest needle in the world"; the ONATEC® iris needle

Safe, gentle and controlled grip and guidance of the ONATEC® needle into the anterior chamber is ensured by using specially adapted geometry


Simple and secure attachment of iris sutures within the anterior chamber


Precise cutting of the suture within the anterior chamber

The perfect supplement to the 25 gauge hybrid instrument set

  • Infinitely adjustable, flexible anterior chamber access either through an incision or paracentesis
  • The optimised shape of the forceps enable the perfect grip and guidance of the capsule
  • Also ideal for traumatic cataracts or zonulolysis

Product information for download

Hybrid instrument set brochure