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The DMEK instrument line - now with an even smaller incision


With the DMEK instruments, developed in cooperation with Prof. Szurman (Eye Clinic Sulzbach), Geuder AG offers an effective solution for the therapy of endothelial corneal diseases. The DMEK implantation cartridge developed by Prof. Szurman is the heart of these DMEK instruments. It allows the surgeon to handle the sensitive donor lamella without contact as well as to gently inject it into the anterior chamber of the patient's eye. The high transparency of the glass cartridge is another advantage, enabling correct orientation of the lamella to be flawlessly controlled during the operation.

Complementing the cartridge already successfully deployed and proven, with the next generation Geuder now enables the incision to be reduced by 20 %. This further reduces the risk of surgically induced astigmatism. The surgeon can select the most suitable version for the particular surgical procedure.

Intelligent Design

  • Atraumatic handling of the sensitive endothelium through smooth aspiration into the cartridge. Implantation into the anterior chamber without direct manipulation of endothelium and Descemet membrane
  • Reduced loss of endothelial cells and reliable preservation of the functionality of the endothelial cells 

Elegant Functionality

  • Maximum safety for endothelial cells through streamlined design and smooth surface of the transparent cartridge
  • Implantation of lamella under visual control prevents complications caused by wrong alignment of the graft within the eye
  • Reduced surface friction saves endothelial cells and preserves high quality of the graft

No Sutures

  • Minimum incision size of 2.4 to 2.8 or 3.0 mm for fast visual recovery and satisfied patients
  • Minimization of surgically induced astigmatism and other unwanted adverse effects

Besides the sterile DMEK implantation cartridge developed in accordance with Prof. Szurman the new Geuder DMEK instrument set also contains a range of re-sterilisable instruments for preparing the donor and recipient eye and for the implantation of the graft. All of the instruments can be ordered separately.


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