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Ophthalmic surgical products. Precision made in Germany.

Handcrafted in Germany, our instruments stand for highest quality, precision and reliability. We offer our customers over 3,000 different precision instruments as well as individual custom-made products.

NanOEgde Single-Use Knives

Implants for retinal detachment

Yamane Double-Needle Stabilizer

Multifunctional Chopper by Jacobovitz

Homburg Cross-Stitch Marker


DMEK RAPID for Preloading

Iris Suture Hybrid-Set by Hattenbach

Femtolaser Instruments


PEP Phaco-Set

Kapsulorhexispinzette nach Auffarth

NanOEdge Single-Use Trephines and Corneal Punches

Tomark Corneal Marker

Capsulorhexis by Ikeda / Yae

Instruments Main Catalogue

Download our new instruments main catalogue with more than 2,000 products. Press CTRL + F to search the PDF by product name, keyword or item number or just browse by chapters and product groups. 

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