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megaTRON Cool

With cool flash mode technology


Megatron Cool is an ophthalmic device controlled by micro-processors for the anterior and posterior eye segments. Special feature: The phaco technology used significantly reduces the emerging ultrasound energy compared to the traditional pulse mode. This enables use in the latest surgical techniques such as CMP and MICS.

All features at a glance

megaTRON peristaltic pump

  • Precise vacuum control in all areas
  • Ideally suited for high vacuum phaco (magnetic fragment aspiration)
  • Realistic venturi effect with adjustable vacuum rise time

Realtime VAC sensor

  • Real-time vacuum sensor and airless aspiration line for maximum anterior chamber stability

megaTRON foot switch

  • Dual linear control
  • Flexible, individual programming
  • Control of virtually any device functions is possible

Geuder ultrasound handpieces

  • Consistent performance over the service life of the hand piece
  • Innovative and ergonomic handles for high efficiency and long service life
  • Handles suitable for phaco and endophaco

Mega ultrasound tips

  • Unique, patented design
  • Multiple emulsification in the phaco tip
  • Significant reduction of phaco power and operation time
  • Excellent fluidics due to optimised geometry

Irrigation / Aspiration

  • Extensive range of irrigation and aspiration handles
  • Optimised accessories for coaxial and biaxial phaco techniques
  • Improved anterior chamber stability


  • Light port for connecting all current Geuder fibre optics
  • Halogen lighting with redundant lamp management

Product information for download

Megatron Cool brochure