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Vitrector with double cutting technology

Fast and safe core-vitrectomy and safe vitreous base shaving


Improved surgical routine

With its permanently open cutting window, the Geuder MACH2 vitrector allows a constant and high flow for rapid core vitrectomy.

Minimized traction

The controllable flow in combination with the maximum average cutting rate of 12,000 cpm minimizes traction on the vitreous base. Combined with the reduced distance between the cutting window and the tip, the MACH2 vitrector always enables safe vitreous shaving.

Perfect for special indications

The constant, high flow provides excellent grip for dislocated lenses. The durable cutters reduce the core safely even during long surgical procedures. The constant, high flow, minimized traction and improved control makes the Geuder MACH2 vitrector the ideal choice for traumas, internal bleedings into the vitreous cavity and detachments of the retina.

Predictability = control

The uniform flow independent of the cutting rate achieves predictable behaviour of the mobile retina, which can be controlled by vacuum or flow.

Superior combination

Used together with the megaTRON S4HPS High Performance System it is possible to achieve cutting rates up to 12,000 cpm.

Honored as one of the biggest innovations of 2014


Comment on the MACH2 cutter from Dr. Werschnik, Greifswald:

"We see absolutely no movement of the retina when using these cutters."