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Brilliant Peel Dual Dye

The non-toxic dual dye

  • Intense and selective staining of the ILM, ERM and vitreous residues
  • Fast lowering, maximum contact area with the tissue
  • Simple aspiration
  • Non-toxic
  • Physiological osmolarity
  • Without preservative substances
  • In vials or syringes

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Anwenderbericht Prof. Dr. Gerding

Videoanimation Brilliant Peel Dual Dye


Brilliant Peel

  • Precise and intense staining of the ILM through increased density
  • Bio-compatible solution for staining and detection of ILM
  • Quick and secure application under air and BSS
  • In vials or syringe

Flyer Brilliant Peel



  • Excellent visualisation of the anterior lens capsule
  • Very good limitation of the capsulorhexis edge
  • Quick and easy application
  • Applicable to many other indications, e.g. in congenital cataract surgery
  • In vials or syringes

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