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UNO Colorline MACH2 Vitreous Cutter is one of the top innovations in 2014

|   Press release

Geuder´s UNO Colorline MACH2 Vitreous Cutter was honored by the journal the Ophthalmologist as one of the top innovations of 2014

The MACH2 persuaded the judging panel with its improved patient safety and faster vitrectomy. The innovative double-blade-vitreous-cutter im-proves considerably the performance of surgery. Two cuts per work-step cut the vitreous into smaller pieces than conventional cutters. Even when cutting near the retina periphery the virtually complete immobility of the retina is remarkable and allows a safe vitreous body shaving.

In contrast to single-blade-cutters flow is no longer interfered by cut rate. Using MACH2 the aspiration window remains permanently open and de-couples cut rate from aspiration flow. This allows for up to 12,000 cuts per minute which helps surgeons to perform a safe core vitrectomy. Further-more traction at the vitreous base is minimized. Complex duty-cycle-management is no longer necessary.

Even in complex indications, such as trauma, organized vitreous or luxated lenses, the MACH2 provides optimal complication management and an increased patient safety due to its pulse free action.

The Ophthalmologist innovation Award can be downloaded here