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The Platform

Your partner for eye surgery aid projects


The aim of the platform is to collect used and no longer used ophthalmic surgical instruments and devices, repair them and make them available to physicians for ophthalmic surgical operations abroad. The used but fully functional equipment for ophthalmic surgery is collected, checked and repaired (if necessary) at the Geuder headquarters in Heidelberg.

Product donations for use abroad

Companies, eye clinics and eye surgeries from all over Germany can deliver their product donations to us. We then provide our extensive repair and service expertise free of charge to bring the donated product back to a condition where it is fit for use abroad. Thereafter ophthalmologists can request the materials for their aid projects. Geuder assumes responsibility for the free shipping of instruments and equipment within Germany.


We cooperate with the German Committee for the Prevention of Blindness to ensure that product donations are used meaningfully over the long term. Its medical members have worked for many years in numerous eye care projects abroad and can request equipment donations from the platform. Our cooperation with the German Committee ensures that the aid assistance arrives where it is needed and is successfully used for a long period. By becoming a member of the German Committee you too could apply for equipment for your aid project abroad and benefit from the long years of experience of the committee doctors. The patron of the platform is Prof. Dr. med. Gerd U. Auffarth, Universitätsaugenklinik Heidelberg.


Help for the blind in Tanzania

Dr. med. Winfried Grasbon, an established ophthalmologist from Pfaffenhofen (Germany), has been travelling to Tanzania regularly since early 1991. On these trips he visits between one and three hospitals to perform eye surgery. As well as donation by the general public, the action also receives further support from within the industry. We are very proud to be able to support Dr. Grasbon in his work. We spoke with Dr. Grasbon about his work and motivation prior to the DOC Congress 2015 in Leipzig.

Read more! Follow the link for the full interview: Interview Dr. Grasbon, May 2015


Interested parties and donors please contact:

Dieter Lebherz
Phone: +49 171 8676360