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The Platform

Partner for eye surgery aid projects


The aim of the platform is to collect used and no longer used ophthalmic surgical instruments and devices, repair them and make them available to physicians for ophthalmic surgical operations abroad. 

We cooperate with the German Committee for the Prevention of Blindness (DKVB) to ensure that product donations are used meaningfully over the long term. Under the auspices of Prof. Auffarth, "The Platform" will continue. Jörg Wild is providing organizational support for the project and Detlef Heuser technical support for the donations, Martin Nebel is looking after the equipment part and more complex instruments, while Dr. Andreas Dittrich (see DKVB board members is advising interested physicians on the selection of instruments.


Interested parties and donors please contact:

Detlef Heuser
Phone: +49 176 47077438