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Novaliq GmbH

One innovation used in many fields


Novaliq GmbH builds on the successful work of Fluoron GmbH in the field of semi-fluorinated alkanes for other medical disciplines. With the aim of developing innovative anhydrous drug and oxygen delivery systems Novaliq GmbH was spun off from the Ulm (Germany) based Fluoron GmbH in 2004. 

Semifluorinated alkanes: drug carriers par excellence

Semifluorinated alkanes (SFAs) that are already in use may also be developed for use as carrier fluids for the transportation of drugs. SFAs are able to transport active ingredients directly to the lungs where they enter the bloodstream and allow for the efficient treatment of various diseases. SFAs are also suitable for the manufacture of oxygen-rich and long-term stable oxygen substitutes, gas-permeable gels for wound coverage and organ conservation media.

New funds for new studies

The future means innovation: We will further invest to sponsor clinical trials and to advance developments with the aim of relieving people's suffering around the world.

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