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Geuder AG

Precision products for the whole world "made in Germany"


Geuder AG has been one of the most innovative eye surgical product manufacturers for the past 70 years. Ophthalmic surgeons in over 100 countries rely on more than 3,000 Geuder products when performing surgical operations.

Recognising needs

The continuous exchange with doctors gives us knowledge of new surgical techniques and the changing demands on instruments and devices. This gives us the opportunity to meet the demands of our customers at all times. On-request we also manufacture custom made precision instruments bearing the personal signature of the surgeon


Our flexibility

The cornerstone of our success lies in our traditional handicraft. Our employees have acquired invaluable experience since the founding of the company in Heidelberg by Hans Geuder Senior in 1951. Our team of 40 surgical, microsurgical and precision instrument engineers are among the best in their field. Many of them have been active in the company for decades and are undisputed specialists in their field. With their tireless effort, they succeed time and again in rapidly making possible the seemingly impossible for our customers.


Investment in education

What we do today sets the course for tomorrow. Every year we hire young people to start their three and a half years of training to become surgical engineers. After five more years of practical experience we know that a new generation of specialists is ready to meet the ever growing demands.


Shaping the future

We are involved in the support program of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research with the aim of developing future technologies, we also cooperate with institutions such as the Fraunhofer Institute for the study of surface coatings and bio-compatible materials.



Quality management

As a manufacturer of ophthalmic products, Geuder AG maintains a quality management system according to the following guidelines:

System certificates:

CE certificates:

Change of notified Body

Beginning of 2019, GEUDER AG has changed its Notified Body from BSI Group UK to BSI Group The Netherlands B.V. (identification number 2797) in conjunction with the Brexit. The identification numbers of the previous Notified Bodies CE 0086 and CE 0535 remain valid for the products we have hitherto first placed on the market, until their shelf life has expired.