Sankara: operating training center in India

With the Sankara Geuder Competence Center (SGCC) in Bangalore we provide advanced training for ophthalmic surgeons and specialized personnel in India. As a matter of fact the demand for professionally qualified ophthalmologists in India is high. Local demand is estimated at around 25.000 ophthalmologists and an additional 20.000 specialized ophthalmological personnel.
  • Wide variety for advanced training

At the training center, opened in 2010, ophthalmologists can learn modern ophthalmological OP techniques for common OP indications with instruments and equipment systems by Geuder. Offered training units range between two weeks and eighteen months in the Sankara Eye Hospital, which has 225 beds and carries out approximately 15.000 eye operations per year. Ophthalmologists from India and other countries can participate.
  • Modern eye surgery on a social basis

The new training center is a cooperative venture of the Sankara Eye Hospital in Bangalore and Geuder Asia Pacific (GAP), the subsidiary of the Geuder Group in Asia. The cooperation partner Sankara Eye Hospital is part of the Sankara Eye Care Institutions, a group of Indian eye hospitals that has already been distinguished for its high quality ophthalmological care and its cost-free provision to poorer population groups.

Have a look at the experience report by Dr. Guliyeva from Azerbaijan!

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