Cusco: practical aid on site

The bare figures are alarming: Worldwide there are 150 million people suffering from eye diseases and visual impairment, 45 million people are blind, 90% of them live in poor countries. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), in 80% of these cases the loss of vision could have been prevented or corrected by prophylactic measures or medical procedures. Presuming of course that sufficient medical facilities, suitable infrastructure and well-trained doctors were available.
  • Used instruments help to save eyesight

In the city of Cusco, Peru, with its 500,000 residents, everything was lacking, as witnessed with their own eyes by our sales representatives Bodo Hufeland and Dieter Lebherz in 2004: 13 ophthalmologists provided care for half a million residents, medical personnel was poorly trained and worked in the most appalling spatial conditions. Moved by the circumstances, an informal procedure evolved to provide doctors on site with used instruments.
  • Cusco Project receives official recognition

Bodo Hufeland and Dieter Lebherz contributed significantly to the foundation of the project group Cusco. Since 2004 the group supports - under patronage of the German Committee for the Prevention of Blindness the non-profit organization CEPRECE in Cusco. Members of the project group are Uschi and Bodo Hufeland, Dieter Lebherz, Dr. Pedro Valcarel and Jörg Wild. Among the cooperating partners of the project group are currently the Christoffel Blindenmission, the University Ophthalmic Clinic of Magdeburg and the Geuder AG, which has supported the project with material donations and leaves of absence for its employees from the very beginning.
  • Direct support on site

Until today donated instruments valuing approximately 500.000 Euros have been given to the organization. Aside from a large amount of these instruments, Geuder donated an all-terrain vehicle for field work. Furthermore qualified and comprehensive briefing, training and support for Peruvian ophthalmologists and OP personnel was conducted by German ophthalmologists.
  • Construction of an ophthalmic clinic

As a result of the extensive work by the project group Cusco, the new ophthalmic clinic CEPRECE-CUSCO opened in January 2010. Currently the most modern ophthalmic clinic of the region, it was co-financed by the Christoffel Blindenmission (CBM) and the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).

The one-storied building encompasses three examination areas with two surgery rooms, an auditorium and a workshop for spectacle fitting. An extension with a small patient bedding area and a boarding option for personnel is in planning. The new ophthalmic clinic works on a charity basis without generating profit and provides 1,2 million people in and around Cusco with affordable, respectively cost-free for the poorest, ophthalmic care.

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Contribute to save people from blindness in Peru und thereby preserve a piece of quality of life.
Every Euro will benefit the project 100%.

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